Oddities, Bone Jewelry, Specimens & Curiosities

If you love creepy things or just have a close relationship with the dead there's plenty of things here for you! From bone jewelry to ornate frames filled with specimens, you never know what you will find here.

Bone Earrings

Bone Earrings

Bone earrings! Stud earrings and dangles! Wear your weird on the outside... 

Tiny Jar Necklaces

Tiny Jar Necklaces

Tiny things in jars! Each necklace in this collection is filled with... 

  • Handmade Items

    Each piece is totally handmade in house from start to finish, using quality materials. Many materials used, other than bones, have been collected sustainably or been repurposed finds.

  • Wear Your Weird

    All my accessories are designed to make you look just a little closer. Is that a bone? A tentacle? Items range from obviously weird to so subtle you would have to ask, what is that?

  • Custom Orders Welcome

    While everything cannot be customized, I am always open to requests and will do my best to create something perfect for you.

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Ethically Sourced Bones Always

All of the animals that are processed here are either sourced from unfortunate roadkill or donated to me after passing of natural causes.

All of my residents are processed in house and treated with the love and respect they often did not receive in life.

  • Ethically Sourced Always

    What exactly does it mean to be ethically sourced? It means the animals processed here were not purposefully killed. I never source from trappers!

    Have any questions? Feel free to contact me!

  • Where Do They Come From?

    Most of my creatures are found as roadkill, donated by owners after their passing or are casualties from the pet trade. Every part is then used in one way or another, always giving respect to the animal.

  • Owl Pellets

    Owl pellets are another great way I source my bones. The tiny bones inside are from various rodents and other owl prey. Once removed, the bones go through a rigorous cleaning process before they are whitened and used.

  • Circle of Life

    My entire process keeps the natural cycle in mind. Anything that can be given back to the earth, is freely given. Each creature is always thanked for their sacrifice during processing and every part is used.

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Magickal Items

Magickal Items

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